Transmasc Marketing for Surgeons

Target YOUR transmasc audience with YOUR custom messaging!

Streamline your consultations and focus on patient-specific concerns, saving you time and money.

Increase your Lead Generation, Name Recognition, Live Interviews, Social Media Promotion, Powerful Backlinks, Custom Messaging, Thought Leadership, Direct Emails & More!

What is Mod Club?

Mod Club is a Transguy & Non-Binary Transition Research and Community Website

Mod Club is THE SITE for everything related to masculinizing surgery research. Putting ALL the information needed in one centralized and organized place.

Our site features: 

  • Surgery Gallery – View & Post
  • Shop our Curated Affiliated Store
  • Connect in Groups or start your own group!
  • Book Surgeon Consults in our Surgeon Directory
  • Promote Yourself in the Newsfeed to our niche audience!
  • Personalize your Profile Page
  • DM other Members
  • User blogging available to all members
  •  At 3,000 Members and growing every day!

Marketing That Matters

Why Surgeons Should be on Mod Club

Participating on The Mod Club offers you all the benefits of being in a standard surgeon directly plus so much more:

  • Our directory is much more comprehensive and visually engaging than other directories out there

  • We’ve built-in the ability for users to easily become surgeon consultation leads into the directory with just a couple clicks.

  • Our site features a user-generated surgery results gallery. Those results can link directly to your directory listing and vice-versa.

  • You can send us custom messaging and photos to be featured in your directory listing.

  • We will promote you throughout the site, on our social media channels and in email marketing as a participating surgeon.

  • Our gold package features a whole other page on the site dedicated to your practice.

  • Our gold package features zoom video interviews recorded, professionally edited, posted and promoted!

    These videos aim to help you answer your patient’s FAQs so that in real consultations you can focus on patient-specific information instead of repeating the same answers over and over again. 

Be Featured in Our Custom Interview Videos

  • Increase visibility amongst the transmasc community
  • Streamline your consultations by covering your FAQs in our interview so you can focus on patient-specific concerns one-to-one
  • Be seen and heard on YouTube, our syndicated podcast & on Mod Club.
  • Have your video promoted in our emails and social media channels

Our Members Say

About our Founder

I’m Keats Taylor, founder of  Mod Club. I’ve been avidly researching surgeries for 14+ years and just had ALT in March 2022. I’ve also been working in web design, development and digital marketing for the last 20+ years. I own and operate my own digital marketing company at:


Profile Plus
$ 75
  • Enjoy your own membership to the site to post and interact with all members of the site at your will, whenever you'd like.
  • Featured placement in the directory
  • Name, phone number, address, URL, email address
  • Up to 3 photos
  • 300 word description
  • Rotating ad included in our display ad network
  • Custom social media posts on your practice, published 2x a year on FB, IG and featured in our activity feed.
  • YouTube interview recorded, edited, published and promoted to our subscribers and available to you for your own marketing.

Billed annually at $825 = 1 month free


Profile Pro
$ 139 Monthly
  • A whole page on the site dedicated to your practice
  • Direct inquiry form on your page (customizable to your needs)
  • Unlimited photos
  • Up to 1K word description / information
  • Custom social media posts on your practice, published 4x a year on FB, IG and featured in our activity feed.
  • 1x 1,000 word blog post per year, focused on your practice and linked to your site.
  • YouTube interview ALSO uploaded to our Podcast, distributed through Spotify, Apple, Google and many, many more.
Best Value

Billed annually at $1390 = 2 months free

After payment, you’ll be connected to instructions on how your campaign will proceed. 

We do all the setup and configuration for you! You can submit any custom info or photos that you wish.

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