Haven't received your verification email?

Try logging in anyway! Some users are not receiving their verification emails even when checking spam or junk. However, we are keeping an eye on members who are in our database but haven’t logged in yet and we are manually approving these memberships when they popup, so you may not have your email but we’ve already approved you. 

We are using a service to avoid our emails getting caught in junk/spam filters and while it seems to be working for most, it’s not working for all.

Having trouble logging in?

Please try logging in with your username and password instead of your email address and password. You should be able to login with either, but for some members this has been an effective solution. We’ll look into this more.

ALSO: The login page should have a yellow background. If you’re seeing a login page with a gray background, then you’re seeing an older version that doesn’t work. Refresh your page (if you’re on a computer, hold down shift while you refresh) and if needed clear your browser cache to see the updated login link / page. 

Other questions?

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