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2 reviews
  • Pedro

    I went to Shane for tattooing nipple grafts that completely lost all of their pigment (I’m Mexican and had dark brown nipples before surgery). Rate was $400, but that included a free touch-up which I felt like made up for the price, albeit it’s not cheap! I’m pretty introverted but felt like it was a very respectful and easy process being there. Nipples are a very small area so be prepared that it might go waaaay quicker than you expected. It took a quick touch-up at a second session because the center of the nipple is more difficult to take to pigment as it can’t stretch as much as the areola.
    He’s very experienced with colors and realism and I am extremely happy with the color of my nipples now! It has given me a sense of peace after unexpectedly losing all of my pigment.

  • K

    Was easy to get an appointment with (he was booking about a month out as of early 2021) and communicate over email, no phone call needed. Very professional and has experience with tattooing phalloplasty. Took my comments into consideration when picking colors and vein patterns/locations. Didn’t talk a lot during the session (which was a plus for my introverted self) but seemed willing to make conversation if you wanted. Each appointment (2 appointments is standard) is $600 and scheduled for 3 hours. My first took about 2 hours and my second took about 45 minutes (still charged the $600 even for 45 minutes so… ). He said he would be happy to do another round if I wanted when I’m back in CA in December (I assume this would also be $600 but didn’t ask). I’m very happy with how the tattooing has come out!

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