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Michelle Varga – Esthetics NW Tattooing 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Landen

    This was my first ever tattoo and I was very happy by the end of my first session. Michelle Varga listened to my concerns, talked to me throughout my session about what she was doing and why. She loves to educate. You may see prior posts where people have had negative experiences but you learn and grow from feedback. Everyone starts somewhere. She truly wants to help the trans community. Life everyone (I assume) I’m hoping I don’t need any follow-up sessions to complete my phallo re-pigmentation (paramedical tattoo) but if the need arises I will be calling her to schedule. Don’t email, or use the online booking tool, call her. She’s very good at responding to phone calls, even if you leave a message she will get back to you the fastest that way.

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