About the Mod Club:

The MOD CLUB is a website for people who were assigned female at birth and who are undergoing or considering some type of social or medical transition. This website aims to provide comprehensive resources to assist people researching and actualizing their transition-related goals. I hope you’ll find it fun, friendly and useful.


About the Mod Club name:

Naming the site was extremely challenging. The URL name had to meet several goals: be effectively searchable for individuals using search engines, available for a reasonable price, and encapsulate our diverse experiences and identities. These goals were not always compatible. For example, FTM in the URL was intentionally used for SEO purposes even though it does not reflect many people’s conceptual and lived experiences of gender.

Additionally, it was very challenging choosing a brand name that was inclusive of the diversity of gendered experiences and identities but specific enough to usefully define the subject of the website. But after invaluable feedback from folks in the community, the website finally launched using the name MOD CLUB. The underlying inspiration for the name was to foster a sense of camaraderie and support for folks contemplating how they can change or modify their embodied experience in this heteronormative world.


About Kash, the creator:

Born in Denver, I lived half my life in various places in Florida. After a stint in LA, I immigrated to Toronto where I have been for the past 15 years. As a serial entrepreneur, I have over 20 years of experience working in graphic design, web development and digital marketing – most of it under my own projects and business entities. During a five-year interlude, I founded and operated a queer bar and restaurant. I’m a curious Gemini with a broad range of interests who dabbles in many.

Big thanks to my beautiful partner, Janelle and my longtime pals April and Ty, and my new time pals Navneet and Ahmad and all the beta users for their support in helping me get this off the ground! I’m excited to serve this community with this project. I hope that together we can make something really incredible here!

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